Quick Reminder (2min read)

His KingdomThe good news on earth is a soul that is assured of Eternal Rest. And this rest can only be found in Jesus. No matter how much money you make, how many properties you can acquire, the rule hasn’t changed; Naked you came, Naked you would leave. So don’t be swayed by the pressure of accumulating wealth while neglecting what is important, Your Soul.

Seek Jesus, Look for Jesus, Live for Jesus, Love Jesus, and know that nothing good would be left of you if you gain the world and lose your soul. what can you give in exchange for your soul?


Time Travelers - James 5:8
We are all traveling through time. And we can be sure that somewhere on the road ahead is the return of Jesus. December 30, 2007

We have seen and/or heard about many great people who once lived and left with nothing. One is Alexander the Great. His last wishes were:

  • To have best doctors carry his coffin to show that best doctors can’t save life in the face of death
  • To cover the road with his treasures to let people know that material wealth remains on earth
  • To leave his hands outside the coffin so that people will know that he came to this world empty handed and he was leaving same. 

Everybody will leave someday. what we should always remember is that there is life after death. When your time is exhausted, what account are you going to give? How have you used your talent(s)?

From the first day you opened your eyes as a baby to the last day you close them, how would your story be told in eternity?

Rescue 'copter - Psalm 89:14
Our God is a God of justice, but also a God of mercy. Through the blood of Jesus, God’s mercy is available to us now. It is up to us to decide to accept it. We don’t want to be camping out in “Sin Forest” when judgment time comes. January 1, 2007

Jesus may tarry but you can die at any time. Are you ready for eternity? Seek what is important on earth, which is a soul that is assured that he will find eternal rest. Jesus is waiting for you at the other side. Are you prepared for Him?

Say this: Jesus I offer my life to you. Be my Lord and Saviour and guide me as I journey through this world. Amen


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