A song to Bless Your Day

imageA component of my morning ritual is to listen to music that would inspire my morning and day. Words in songs have power to shape your conscious and subconscious mind because what I have realized is that sometimes in tough situation when there is no one to talk to, I hear them play back on my mind. Its interesting because often times it just happen without any conscious effort.

One song that stood out for me last year is Jonathan Nelson’s “I believe“. It’s a beautiful song filled with words that affirm our trust in God, our believe in God, and the fact that He is a God of miracle. May God grant our  heart desires in this season and continually provide for us in Jesus’ Name.

If you haven’t listened (or watched) it before, I would recommend. You can listen and listen and listen till the words gain roots in you.

In this month of Praise, I strongly believe that you are going to say bye-bye to every pain, sorrows, sickness, broken-spirit, scarcity, etc. Maybe you can join me dance and affirm our commitment to God that we  believe in Him. Glory!

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