Praise the Lord for January 2018 (2min read)

thank You LordLet everything alive give praises to the Lord! You praise him!

Hallelujah! (Psalm 150:6, TLB)

If someone did something spectacular for you, you would thank him/her and/or may offer something of value in return as appreciation. In my culture, we would often call the person at cockcrow to thank him/her.

If giving thanks and praise to our fellow humans make them happy and want to do more for us, then we can imagine how happy God is each time we enter His gate with thanksgiving and His court with praise.

January 2018 is ending and if you are alive today, then you have to thank God for carefully taking care of you from January 01 to January 31. 31 days; almost 5 weeks; 744 hours; 44640 minutes; 2678400 second;

It takes approximately 3 seconds to inhale, and 3 seconds to exhale.  This means that throughout January you repeated this process for about 446400 times. The air you took in during the process was free of charge, at your Heavenly Father’s expense. God has been good to you regardless of how your situation has been this month and I want you develop or improve upon the attitude of praising God for the little things He does for you.

Sometimes these little things are the most important treasures you could ever have on earth: If you can Walk, Praise Him. If you can Sit, Praise Him. If you can use the Washroom, Praise Him. If you can get out of bed, Praise Him. If you can stretch, Praise Him. If you can See, Talk, Hear, etc, Praise Him.

Let us walk into February 2018 with an attitude of Praise. When you wake up in the new month, remember that God deserves your praise. It is also a sign that He will take care of you. If you are alive, c’mon! Praise the Lord for He is worthy. Hallelujah!

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