Relying on God’s Strategy (1min read)

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The scripture assures us that God will fight our battles for us which we know that the result would be victory over the enemy or the situation.

It is easy to read this promise in the Bible and think that you can remain passive and expect victory over the circumstance(s). Well, I want to give you the big surprise that it doesn’t work that way.

When you trust God with your battle or situation, He often would give you His word, a strategy, when followed will make you triumph over the enemy. But the challenge is that this strategy may not make sense in the natural as we normally expect God to work in familiar way(s).

“…My thoughts are not like yours. Your ways are not like mine.” (Isaiah 55:8, ERV)

If you want God to fight your battle for you, then you must be ready to follow His strategy which (of course) won’t make sense per human reasoning. It requires absolute reliance on His word to see Him work for you.

God has planned victories, testimonies, miracles, breakthrough for you this year but are you ready to do what He tells you to do? It is not about the resource you have but it is about what God can do with the little resource you have. God’s strategies work because He is Omniscience and God Almighty. Be encouraged to start taking those little steps of faith as you act on His Word concerning your situation.


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