Tomorrow comes quick

20121122-170025.jpgAlmost 20 days already; yeah! the year is still young and gradually the Lord is ordering our steps into achieving His purpose(s) for our lives. But it is easy to be in a new day and yet walk in the shadows of yesterdays…you know the kind of feeling when you wake up in the morning and mourn about what went wrong yesterday. Whew! it’s kind of tricky when you become so excited about yesterday‘s success(es) that you fail to recognize amazing things you can do today for better tomorrow.

Think about this; Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. What matters is TODAY. You can’t (appear to) do things in Tomorrow, or (go back to) undo things in Yesterday. In effect, looking back at yesterday, what can you do today as you prepare for tomorrow. These three days are very critical as you journey through life.

Reminder: Tomorrow comes quick.

Therefore, as each blessed day is unfolding in 2018, be mindful of the simple little tricks the enemy will use to keep you from expanding and/or most importantly keep you bound in your comfort zone when he tells you to wait till tomorrow/next week/next year.

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Tomorrow (or next week or next year) is running hurriedly towards us so if you can Pray today, pray. If you can Fast today, Fast. If you can win soul today, just do it.  If you have to read today, read. Whatever you have to do today (or in 2018) must be carefully thought through and done. Remember, Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow or better still This Year is Last year’s Next year.

Redeeming the time…Eph 5:18




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