Finish Strong (2min read)

Ethiopia_London2012_API was thinking about which song to sing and how it could be linked to what God has done throughout the year. In fact many songs came on my mind but the one that stood out was Count Your Blessings by Johnson Oatman Jr.

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A sure way to know how to thank God for His goodness and kindness is to take inventory of what He has done in your life.

2017 has been a great for most of us but to some, it probably has been very challenging But the truth is that whichever way you assess the year, you still have the most precious gift on the planet; you are alive. God saved from accident(s) you didn’t see, among others. If God should pull the curtain for you to see all he did behind the scene this year, I bet you will forever remain grateful.

I have not got much to say but the little I would add is that God’s Word concerning your life in 2017 will come to pass before the year ends. Don’t give up believing and trusting in His Word. Often the final lap demands little more pressure or muscle stretch to win the race so Finish Strong. God bless you

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