Deepen Your Relationship with God

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Everyone loves Google. One student told me that I love Google because it seems to know everything. He was so happy that he found answers to his assignment within 5 minutes of searching online. I was happy though but I asked him, ” Do you Trust the source of your answers? Are you sure everything Google produces is correct?”. Well, he couldn’t answer that so I guess he didn’t want to be discouraged by my questions. Google has made learning easier than it was in the ’80s and ’90s, and I use it daily to search for information.

A question that kept me thinking for hours was; Do I ask God for answers to many life challenges as often as I do with a search engine about academic and/or social life, regardless of how big or small it might be?

As I was pondering on why I would resort to Google for information, I realised that I had developed Trust that Google can provide information I need within seconds. But hey, there was a limitation as Google didn’t know everything. Google didn’t have information on some little town in a remote area I searched for.

Assessing myself deeply, I concluded that I don’t ask God for answers to life situations as much as I would easily pick my phone to search for answers online about petty things, or call friends to ask for their opinions about my situations.

dontworry_nivThe way forward was to learn to strengthen my relationship with God, through communion with The Holy Spirit. I started asking Him everything about my life…sometimes before I pick a device to search online. And most of the answers I get online confirm what The Holy Spirit tells me.

There is nothing too big or too small to discuss or talk to God about (like your bills, ailment, worries, debt, career, job, relationship with people, challenges in marriage, weakness, etc). He desires to have intimate relationship with us. And in this relationship, we gain more because He knows everything. He knows what would happen in our future more than we would remember what happened in our past.

Friend my life transformed from the day I chose to talk to Him about every details of my life and Trust the answers or directions He gives me. The Holy Spirit tells me what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. His timing is accurate and He doesn’t miss a thing. Sometimes when I am torn between two products at the grocery store, He tells me which one to take and why. I live a stress free life because I believe that He’s got my back and He is there for me 24/7.

In my conclusion, I would ask you some few questions;

How would you access your relationship with God?

Is it just about give me…give me…..give me Or you are in for intimate relationship?

Do you seek God’s view(s) about your life challenges or you are okay with people’s opinion? 

Does God occupy the best place in your life? 

If you don’t have deep relationship with God, you can start by asking the Holy Spirit to help you and direct you as to what steps to take. He is ready to help when you need Him.

Nothing could ever make you happier than an intimate relationship with your Father, who knows everything about the Universe and about your life.

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