Perfect Time?

don't waste your seed“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4, NLT)

Are you waiting for a perfect time?

Do you desire to have a time when everything is OKAY before you act?

From my little experiences in life, I’ve seen no such thing as perfect time.  Everyone has a need; Bill Gates has his needs, so is the poorest person. However, the difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich doesn’t wait for perfect weather to plant.  They plant their seeds and wait on God for rain.

The right time to act is Now. Therefore don’t sit idle watching the wind or staring at the clouds. In other words, don’t spend your productive time waiting for some indicators to get on right before you make a move. Instead, do your own work and get on with your life. Don’t say “if this or that goes through, then I would do this or that”, “if I can go to the university, then I can achieve this/that”, “If I could get this money, car, child, etc, then I could this or that”. God wants you to walk by believing and not by seeing.

Be encouraged to do the little you can today as you wait on God to Open the heavens to shower His blessings on your works.  Today is the day you have, Tomorrow may be too late.

Is there anything you are waiting for a perfect time to do?

But there are some things that you cannot be sure of. You must take a chance. If you wait for perfect weather, you will never plant your seeds. If you are afraid that every cloud will bring rain, you will never harvest your crops” (Ecclesiastes 11:4, ERV)

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