Your Life is Safe with Jesus


  • The Scenario:

When I got admission into the school, I knew life was going to be better because it was one of the best schools in the region. Parents are more conscious about the kind of High school their children attend and my mum was no different. Everything was okay in my first year at the school until one guy got admitted. His name was Alifah. Alifah was stout in stature and news about him spread like fire in dry forest. He told everybody that He took care of his father’s cattle and that he could stop a bull at the age of 18. In fact, everyone was afraid of Alifah, including some of our teachers. Very soon, news about Alifah spread through the region and every school we competed with, either games or academics were afraid of my school because of Alifah. The tiny ones (including myself) would go and tease folks from other schools and quickly ran to Alifah’s location because he was committed to protecting students from his school. He was indeed a hero of our time.

  • The Message:

The story about Alifah always remind of what Jesus did for us at Calvary. Before Jesus came, Satan tormented God’s children with diseases, fear, weariness, anxieties, etc. He worked with his demons and was meant to not only destroy us physically but to also lead us on the Broadway to destruction. Then Jesus came. In His speech at his hometown in Luke 4, He said “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; he has appointed me to preach Good News to the poor; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted and to announce that captives shall be released and the blind shall see, that the downtrodden shall be freed from their oppressors, and that God is ready to give blessings to all who come to him” (v18-19, TLB). Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan and his demons. Jesus’ purposes for your life are:

  1. To save you from God’s wrath coming upon Satan, his demon, and anyone whose name isn’t found in the Book of life.
  2. To make you enjoy life free from oppression from the enemy. Life that is free from poverty, sicknesses and diseases, fear, bondage, etc.

Satan’s desire is that if he is able to deprive you from the second one, then he could in effect draw you away from God (by disobeying Him) so that your name wouldn’t be written in the Book of life. But Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan (1 John 3:8). He said in Matthew 11:28-29 (CEV) that “If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest.” Back in my school days, anyone who ran to Alifah anytime there was chaos was protected and those who always stayed close to him were safe. Friends, we have High Priest who is stronger than any force of the universe. HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER. The Bible says that “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.” (Philippians 2:10, KJV). And in Romans 10:13 (NLT), the scripture says “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”.

  • Conclusion:


Satan roams about like roaring lion seeking for whom to destroy. He acts like a lion but The Real Lion of Judah, Jesus, is right beside you. He (Satan) dare not touch you because you are an apple of God’s eye. However, sometimes we act like the prodigal son and move outside to enjoy the pleasure of the world, which is full of satanic agents. Let us not forget that as long as the chicks stay under the mother’s wings/feathers, they are protected from the hawk and other predators. In Psalm 91 (AMP) the psalmist said that “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty [whose power no enemy can withstand]

As long as the chicks stay under the mother’s wings/feathers, they are protected from the hawk and other predators

Maybe you are caught in sin or certain habit(s) that make(s) you fell that you don’t qualify to be in God’s presence. Remember that when someone splashes dirt on your expensive car or cloth, the first thing that comes to mind is to clean it up and try to stay away from that fellow to avoid repetition. In the same way, the best place to be when you fall into temptation or are trapped in certain addiction or habit is to be in God’s presence where you can ask for forgiveness and strength so that you don’t keep sinning. Or if there is any sickness or diseases or temporal hardship or you find yourself in some awkward situation, maybe you have allowed the devil in. His main job is to Steal, Kill, and Destroy.

“And when you draw close to God, God will draw close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and let your hearts be filled with God alone to make them pure and true to him” (James 4:8, TLB)

Don’t stay away for too long because Satan is after your soul. Run to Jesus when there is time because a time is coming when you would say that “had I know…” Satan is after your soul. Alifah protected us from bullying in Junior High School But our Jesus is protecting us from enemies that maybe stronger than us. No human in his natural strength can defeat Satan But in Jesus, we can.

Stay with Jesus if you are already in Him. Come to Jesus if you have gone astray or if you feel distant. Today is the day you have, tomorrow isn’t promised. Your life is Safe with Jesus.

  • 3 Things To Do:
    1. Meditate on God’s Word Day and Night
    2. Fast at least once a week and Pray always. Let prayer be part of your lifestyle. Talk to God and Listen to Him when He speaks through His Spirit
    3. Fellowship with other believers. No human being is an island

Say this:

My Life is Safe with Jesus!

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