Easter Message

God-has-good-plans-for-usHello Friends,

2016, as declared by The Holy Spirit, is a great year. It is a year that God, through His Spirit, is going to manifest Himself in greater ways in our lives. We will soar and nothing shall be able to stop us. We are liberated to live the higher life, the kind of life Jesus lived in his days on earth. He never lacked a thing and God worked miraculously through Him. A point to note is that good breaks, money, wealth, good health, good relationships, jobs, etc are means to an end. Your presence on earth is to do God’s business. The rest are benefits you derive as you pass through this life so they lose focus.

So far this year, we have heard and seen terror on TV, internet, radio, social media, etc. These are stories that breed fear in our societies. As a matter of fact, the goal terrorist groups want to achieve is to cause panic in our communities. This is in line with what Satan wants to achieve; to cause fear so that our focus will be shifted to the object of fear. Peter started sinking when his focus was shifted from Jesus to the storm. Some may ask why God didn’t prevent attacks on Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Turkey, Belgium, etc? Affected families and friends will have their reason(s) to doubt God’s promise of protection. However when we consider the bigger picture, we will thank God for the tens, hundreds, or thousands of people that were evacuated to safety. It could have been worse than what happened in affected countries.

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Often we ask questions because we forget (because of pains and sorrows we go through) that a day with God in eternity is worth than thousand days of splendour on earth. When we understand that death (which is an enemy of God) is not the end but a transition, fear of death will be defeated and we will enjoy every day of our lives.

The world isn’t going to get any better. I see days ahead when major terrorist groups will unite to cause atrocities around the globe. The worst is coming that is why we, Christian, have to win as many souls as possible while its day. A night is coming when we will not have the means to spread the good news. Remember that false prophets are also leading many on the Broadway to destruction.


The Christian life isn’t about living prosperous lives, declaring positive things, and receiving miracles. It is about living the life of Christ and letting others see Jesus in you. Jesus never cheated. He humbled himself, he lived righteous life, he prayed daily to the Father, he fasted, he fed the hungry, he didn’t discriminate, he forgave those who hurt him, he was tempted but never sinned, he was insulted, gossiped about, humiliated but he never retaliated. He knew he had earthly rights he could have stood for but his focus was on the Glory that awaited him after the task. He stood for the things of God and loved everyone.

Can the life of Jesus Christ be seen in you?

Do you just call yourself Christian or you live as Christ follower?

Life on earth is short so don’t waste your time chasing after worthless things. Seek first God’s Kingdom and all other things shall be added unto you.

God’s word can be trusted. Every word He has said concerning your life shall come to pass and nothing or no person shall be able to stop what God has started in your life. ISIS and its affiliates, Al Qaeda and its affiliates, careless drivers, threats from other countries, rejection, disappointment, failure, sicknesses and diseases, etc cannot stop you from being what God created you to be. We believe that Our God is Faithful and He will do whatever he has said in Jesus’ Name. Jesus Christ died to set you free and you are free indeed.

Happy Easter   

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