Ethiopia_London2012_APLondon 2012 Olympics went on smoothly without any interruption despite several bomb threats. I really enjoyed the games but one race that caught my attention most was the Women’s Marathon. It was inspiring and I enjoyed watching. Tiki Gelena from Ethiopia had all the reasons to quit the race yet she continued to finish, setting a new Olympic record of 2hrs 23min 07sec.

Tiki Gelena fell twice but it didn’t stop her from running. In an interview, she told the reporter that “When I fell, I said, ‘Oh, wow, I’m not going to finish,’ But I just concentrated on running. All of a sudden, I made it.” She thought about pulling out after a hard fall that bloodied her right elbow but she found a new motivation, and headed on the road. In the end, she won the race. I was surprised when she said she had not felt any pain during the tense excitement of the race. She said “It didn’t stop me from running,”


There is lesson to learn from Gelena’ story as believers. We don’t have to quit when we fall down or hit obstacle(s). It doesn’t matter the number of times you might have fallen in the past, you can get up again and concentrate on running. Satan will whisper the thought of quitting into your ears but let them enter in one ear, and leave through the other. You shouldn’t allow his lies to stop you from running. Know that Jesus is your strength. Paul said that “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Jesus is your strength. There is a gold medal that awaits you at the finishing line.Tiki

One thing I observed after her fall was that some athletics pulled out of the race because of fatigue but she ran on. She didn’t allow the pain from the fall to hinder her from winning the race.

I don’t know the area(s) in your life where you have fallen, maybe once or twice or many times, but I believe you can get up, like Tiki Gelena did, to complete the race. Be encouraged today to get up today, clean yourself, and start running because God is going to send down rain that will carry you through the finishing line. Don’t quit in life.


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