Birds have hopeIt is a story about four men with leprosy who were outcasts in Samaria because of their condition. They had no hope and no future. They were rejected and people didn’t see anything good coming from them.

One day, they asked each other “why should we sit here waiting to die? We will starve if we stay here, but with the famine in the city, we will starve if we go back there. So we might as well go out and surrender to the Aramean army. If they let us live, so much the better. But if they kill us, we would have died anyway.” (2 Kings 7:3-4, NLT)

They set out for the camp of the Arameans. Notice here that they did something ordinary but when they came to the edge of the camp, no one was there. For the Lord had caused the Aramean army to hear the clatter of speeding chariots and the galloping of horses and the sounds of a great army approaching. God did the extraordinary. These men were outcasts but God used them to accomplish what Elisha had said that “By this time tomorrow in the markets of Samaria, five quarts of choice flour will cost only one piece of silver, and ten quarts of barley grain will cost only one piece of silver.”

Have you heard the story about the rejected stone? The builder threw it away but it became the cornerstone.

God has plans for everybody. I don’t know what you are going through but what I do know is that God has better plans for you. Maybe you have been rejected like these leper and people around you don’t see anything good coming from you, or from your family. The lepers didn’t sit down complaining about how bad the situation was, and how bad people might have looked down upon them. They got up to do something. They decided to do the ordinary and God turned it to extraordinary.

Friend, if you can do the natural, God will do the supernatural. If you can do the ordinary, God will do the extraordinary. God will use you to accomplish something beyond your imagination in Jesus’ Name. God has plans for you so Keep on doing your best each day and don’t give up.

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