Welcome to September 2013

Hello Everyone!

I welcome y’all to September 2013.

Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday, today, and forever.

I so excited to see this new month; I have breath, I can stand, see, talk, eat, drink, read, write, blog, etc. Hallelujah!

The Lord has been good to me, and my family.

I trust He has been good to you too.

And I believe God will supply all our needs in Jesus’ Name. Amen


I will be focusing on WAITING ON THE LORD this month.

I know “WAIT” is one word people don’t want to hear in our world today.

However, we can’t do without it;

we wait in cues at the supermarkets,

we wait for buses,

we wait for airplanes,

we wait for our spouse,

we wait to meet the right person,

we wait to meet people,

we wait for phone calls,

and we are waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ.


I will share post(s) on other topic(s) but most of my posts this month will be on WAITING.

I trust you will visit more often this month.

God bless you!


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