Hello everyone,
Last year, I wrote “Your Faith” and I read it at least once every month because my Faith produces the results I need in my everyday life. I am happy to share with you today, which I believe it’s going to be a blessing to whoever reads it. God bless you richly.
“Every individual has got a mountain or mulberry tree to move. Some easily get the work done because of the knowledge they have had in the Word. Others are struggling. I don’t know which group you belong but what I can say is your Faith can produce the result you need. Exercise you faith.”

Uplifting Christ

Jesus spoke about faith, and He walked by faith. Faith helps us to walk in the world of possibilities. I always tell folks that one word that can’t be found in God’s  dictionary is impossibility. All things are possible with God. In order to experience or walk in this world of possibilities, you need to put your Faith to work. Practice what you hear. Let’s not forget that faith without deeds is dead. When you hear the Word, and you don’t practice it, it is as though you have heard nothing.

Let’s consider this scenario;

A guy who had headache went to see the doctor. The doctor put him on some tablets. This guy took the medications as prescribed by the doctor and was healed. My question is;

who/what cured the guy’s headache?

Was it the doctor, the medication? himself?

I have asked many people and most of them believed it…

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