Marriage is between a Man and a Woman

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Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh. (Genesis 2:24, KJV)

I believe there are two ways of viewing things around us. The first one is God’s way, and the second is the devil’s way. God’s way is always the best but the enemy wants man to believe that God doesn’t know it all, or He (God) is denying man the pleasures of life. This has led to the constant battle within man. God wants man to enjoy life at every stage life. He set time for man to be born, time to go to school, time to meet the right partner (wife/husband), time for sex, time to have kids, etc. Once a person understands and lives by God’s principles, life becomes easy for that person. However, the enemy doesn’t want the best for us. He rebelled against God and wants man to go against God in every way. This is why we see men sleeping with men, women with women, unmarried people sleeping with each other, adultery, abortion rate on the rise, etc.

The definition of marriage according to the scripture is a union between a man and a woman. It requires a man to leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife. Then the two shall be one flesh. Notice the bible didn’t say it is a union between any two persons. If the bible had said that, then it wouldn’t be wrong for a woman to marry another woman, or a man to marry another man. The Bible clearly stated that this union should be between a man and a woman. This was how God intended marriage to be. Thus, everything is wrong when a man marries or sleeps with another man, and everything is wrong when a woman marries or has a relationship with another woman.

Same sex marriage is an abomination in the sight of God because it is Satan’s version of God’s plan about marriage.

Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin. (Leviticus 18:22, NLT)

What Satan hopes to achieve

Satan rebelled against God so he wants man to do things that will hurt his Creator. Think about this for a moment; How do you feel when your child goes against your standards which you believe are the best for him/her?

Recently I read about how Deeper life Church has suspended the son of the General Superintendent for going against the beliefs of the Church regarding dressing. This is exactly how God feels when man defies His commands. The enemy knows this so he tries to make us go against what God had said.

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31, KJV)

God saw that everything he had done was very good for man but Satan wants man to believe that he (man) can do more in his own ways. This reminds me of what one lecturer said in class that there are 99 ways to Hell but 1 way to Heaven. In other words, you can do whatever you think or feel is right for you but in the end only one, which is what God wants you to do, will take you to Heaven.

Satan disobeyed God, and he knows his destination is the lake of fire. He is also aware that the wrath of God is coming on the children of disobedience. Therefore he is trying as much as he could to let more people disobey God so that they would join him in the lake of fire.

What the church must do

This is spiritual battle and the weapon we have as people of God is prayer. We can’t stop same-sex marriage but we can pray for people who are caught in that trap. The church must pray for the Holy Spirit to use whichever means possible to bring them back to God. The enemy started with abortion, and now same-sex marriage. He has taken over the media to promote things of the flesh, and I believe he is going to more in the coming days, months, and years. Friend, we must pray earnestly for the church, and the lost souls. God will help us in Jesus’ Name. Amen


    wow! you have taken a bold stand for God. It’s really good to see this. I myself am praying for so many people and for myself too that I do not lose my way in this confused world because it is so easy to get caught up in the ways of the world. I thank God I am a christian and know the way from early on I remember being taught these things in church growing up. But people are so afraid to stand up because of being labled a hater of some sort or judging people. I know I am not a hater because I love all people but telling people the truth is not judging and it’s so important and we won’t have their blood on our hands on judgment day. God bless you!


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