IMG_0230Am alive in Christ; it’s no longer I who live but, Christ lives in me. Jesus has changed my life for good.

I was blind, I was dead, and I didn’t have control over my actions as sin (my master) had dominion over me. I obeyed whatever my master asked me to do . The results of my actions, I knew, were dead and eternity in the lake of fire yet nobody seems to have power to save me, my wretched soul.

I did what I didn’t want to do, I said what I didn’t want to say, and I went to places I didn’t want to go. Satan offered me pleasures of the world and I was so drunk in them until I met Jesus, who changed my life and made me who I am today

The wages of sin is death

One day I met One Man who changed my life. He offered me beauty for ashes. He gave His life for me and gave me victory over sin and death. Thank God I am a new man. My old life has passed away and I am alive in Christ.

I reign because He reigns, I live because He lives, I love because He loves, and I will never be the same again. In His name I heal the sick, send good news to the poor and the broken-hearted, and set those who are held captives by Satan free. I am alive in Christ


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