We talk about faith and encourage people to walk by faith but sometimes it is difficult to shift our focus from the storm. The storm could be the doctor’s report, your grades in school, your performance at work, the chaos at home, rejection, addictions, no job, no food on the table, etc. sometimes it becomes difficult to shift our focus from them when we see them right in front of us to focus on Jesus or believe in God’s promises concerning our lives.

Abraham encountered similar storm. He was about 90 years with no child and his wife had passed childbearing age. Her womb was as good as dead. When Sarah heard that she would bear a child at that age, the scripture says she laughed (because it didn’t make sense to her).
I know what about to say today may not make sense considering the fact that you have report about your situation on your desk. But please hear me;

God doesn’t depend on human knowledge. Thus what we think or see as impossible is possible with Him. All He needs from you now is your total trust in His Son Jesus Christ and He will take care of you.

For forty years you sustained them in the wilderness, and they lacked nothing. Their clothes did not wear out, and their feet did not swell! (Nehemiah 9:21 NLT)

If you continue trying to figure out how you are going to solve the problem your way, I am sorry to say that you will be consumed. Instead, leave everything to God. When Abraham believed, He had Isaac at 100. Praise The Lord!

Friend, God hasn’t given up on you so Keep on asking, Keep on seeking, and Keep on knocking. Know that He is faithful, and He will do all He has promised concerning your life in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

God bless you.


  1. I’ve had a peticular sin I’m really ashamed of and I’ve ask God for forgiveness, I meant it..But I have found my shelf afther a short victory from this sin, slipping to it again…One night I called a very popular TV christian program, that I don’t think you want me to say..I talked to a counseler on that problem for spirtual advice on my subject of sin..Basically from what this counseler told me, was like no other has counseler has ever told me, but has frighthen me beyond, fear..Now I know that God will punish sin, and in Romans 1:-24-26 God gave them up. OK I’ll tell you my sin, it’s not homosexuality but, it is ponorgraphy, and I’m very shamed to write this, and I don’t codom my repeated sin on this subject. But I called this TV ministrie and this counseler basically told me, that God may have giving up on me, because that’s very bad sin..I told him I know it’s a bad sin sir, but you mee to tell me if I confessed this sin to God and meant it, there’s no insurance he’s firgiven me, eventhough I repented.. He’s answer to me, was plain yes, you should be afraid…please help me!


    1. Hancock, I understand what you are going through at this point in your life. First of all, I would like to state that your effort to stop is a good thing. However, you cannot do this on your own. You need the help of the Holy Spirit so do Pray that God strengthens you in your effort to quit that habit.

      You don’t need to fear because God loves you so much to give up on you. And there is no sin that The Blood of Jesus can’t wipe away.

      Those people God abandoned in Act 1:24-26 were people who rebelled against God and worshipped idols. They didn’t worship God or even give him thanks. They thought of foolish ideas of what God was like, etc. this is not your case. Your story is different and I want you to know that pornography isn’t a big deal for God. As you confess and decide to stop now, please stay away from things that easily trick you into visiting porn sites or buying CDs or magazines. Send me email via upliftingchrist@gmail.com
      We will pray together and take the necessary steps in order for you to live in the freedom Jesus Christ purchased for you at Calvary. God bless you.


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