It is about how a bird changed the destiny of a man. This man had been a Christian for about 5years and his new life in Christ hasn’t been easy for him. He finally decided to end it all as he was not ready to cheat people to make money. He decided to cheat life this time by hanging himself.

One early morning, he went to the forest to commit suicide. As he journeyed to end his life, he noticed a bird was following him at a distant. When he walked, the bird walked. He stood still, the bird did the same. He sat, it sat. He sang, it sang. Then the man yelled “wonders shall never end. How could a bird repeat what I do? This is not right. There is something wrong somewhere.”
The bird also responded “wonders shall never end. How could a man created in the image of God decide to end his precious life? This is not right. There is something wrong somewhere.”
The man after hearing this broke into tears. He told the bird “you have no idea what I have been through for the past 5 years; no wife, no kid, no family, no job, no money, no home, and no joy. I want to end it all!”

The bird came closer and said ” Man, you are a perfect creature of the Most High God. He created you in His image and likeness. You have the ability to do things and think like Him. You can sow and reap. You can create and recreate. You can do everything you set mind to do. Look at me, I can’t sow, reap, think like God. I can’t invent. And you guys kill us for food yet we find good reason every morning to give thanks to God.
Man, you have power to change your situation. Search within you and you will find something, something unique that you can use to change the world around you. I don’t kill myself when there is no food in the morning, I keep searching, and searching till I get food. God will be disappointed if you kill yourself. Your life is the greatest thing you have on earth so don’t sell it to the devil.

The man prayed for forgiveness and went home to start life all over again. He sowed the few seeds he had in his house, and after 5 years he became the best farmer in his town. He produced enough to feed his community, and the nearby communities.

This is my message for you today. God created you in His image and likeness. He equipped you with all you need to succeed in this life. You have something on the inside that nobody on earth has ever thought of. The world is waiting for you come out with your ideas. You are not ordinary my friend. You are perfect creation of the Most High God.


  1. WOW what an amazing story…I love it. I wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting my site while I was on a Sabbatical.. I am back and will be posting this coming Sunday. Thanks again for visiting my site. Question about your post I read, don’t think this is crazy what I am about to ask but is this a real story? Did this really I have my reasons as to why I am asking. If you could get back to me about it I will surely tell you the reason why I am asking.

    Thanks and God bless you.


    1. You make me laugh Desiray. Well!…I will reserve the answer for now. But what every Child of God to know is that we are equipped to live better lives on earth. Birds can’t sow yet they trust God for food each day. We can do better


      1. I understand you reserve the answer for now, but just to give you a hint, I know something about this story…


      2. This is a long story but I will keep it short. About ten years ago what you said about the birds happened to me. I was out walking it was a sunny day. I remember this as if it happen yesterday. As I was walking I always pray, sing and talk to God. This day I came upon a few birds one of the birds kept following me, I thought it was strange at first because birds don’t follow people. Part of me was scared but I kept walking then my natural instance told me to stop when I stopped in my tracks the bird stopped, this bird looked at me and all of a sudden this bird song a song, now I know this sounds strange because it was strange to me as well. As the bird was singing I stood there listening and did not move until that bird was done singing. When the bird stopped singing I began to walk and I asked the Lord, What just happen? Right after I asked I smelled a scent of roses around me, the smell was so strong and there was no roses around me at all, than the Lord spoke to me and told me everything is going to be okay in your life My Child. From that day on I never told a single person outside of my family. What I learned was that God will use whatever means He want to in order to reach us, and for me that day it was the birds.

        I guess the reason I never told people was I thought they might think I was weird but you know what I am so glad I read your story because now I am able to share my experience just like God used a donkey to speak to a man God used birds to speak to me.

        That is why I wanted to know was your story about you because as I was reading it I saw right before my eyes what happened to me.

        Thanks for sharing…


      3. His ways are Higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. He could use anything, I mean anything, to speak to His children. Remember what Jesus said that “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” (Luke 19:40 NKJV)


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