Hello everyone,
It is a new day and I trust all is well with you in Jesus’ Name. I want to share with you a wonderful message I wrote last year. I just read it and it is so powerful. Jesus is alive. And Because He Lives, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
God bless you for reading. Take care

Uplifting Christ


Most (about 90%) of us are worried about the future. They are talking the wrong talks. They have conformed themselves to the world (which has nothing good to offer). So if the world (which has nothing good to offer) is suffering, they are suffering. If the economy is going down, they are going down with it. Romans 12:2 encourages us (as children of God, followers of Jesus Christ) to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We are God’s people. We belong to Zion. All things are possible with God.


Have you seen a son of a president begging for job, food, cloth, accommodation, etc? Or worrying because he will be unemployed, hungry, naked, etc? O FAITHLESS GENERATION! Although the unemployment rate may be high, there may be famine, etc., they don’t affect him as the president’ son…

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