“Is the Lord’s hand waxed short?”

We answer there is but one creature that God has made that ever doubts Him! The little sparrows doubt not—though they have no barn nor field, yet they sweetly sing at night as they go to their roosts, though they know not where tomorrow’s meal shall be found. The very cattle trust Him, and even in days of drought, you have seen them when they pant for thirst, how they expect the water—how the very first token of it makes them show in their very animal frame, by some dumb language, that they felt that God would not leave them to perish! The angels never doubt Him, nor the devils either—devils believe and tremble! But it was left for man—the most favored of all creatures—to mistrust his God! This high, this black, this infamous sin of doubting the power and faith- fulness of Jehovah was reserved for the fallen race of rebellions Adam! And we alone, out of all the beings that God has ever fashioned, dishonor Him by unbelief, and tarnish His honor by mistrust!
Charles Spurgeon

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  1. Life is like a bank, u can not take out what u did not put in. So b very careful what u do 2day coz will determine ur tomorrow.


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