I will liken the life we live to the computer game. The manufacturer ensures everything about the game is done before he sends it to the market. Anytime a person plays the game and discovers something new, to him/her, it is an achievement but the programmer/manufacturer knows already. When I was a kid, the game I liked to play was Mario; it was a very challenging game for me. Once you find a game interesting, you desire to play to the end. Sometimes you don’t quit playing when there is a “game over”. I remember how I played a level of a game for about 15 times before I could proceed to the next level. You become a loser when you QUIT. This is how, I believe, life is all about.

God, the manufacturer of your life, completed everything about you before you were born. He deposited all you would ever need in Jesus. You are not here by an accident. There is a purpose. Your life has been planned. The future you can’t see is God’s past. God laughs (Psalms 2:4) when we make certain stupid decisions.

He is the manufacturer. He understands the product more than anyone else. When you don’t understand anything about a product, you ask the producer via email or by calling the customer care number.  Our customer care line is Jeremiah 33:3. If things are so hard that you don’t understand anything about your life, ask the manufacturer in prayer and in faith and He will show you what to do. Every game has a guidebook that is why God gave us ONE; THE BIBLE.  If you want updates like any game, listen to more of His word.

He doesn’t want you to worry about His product – your life.  Instead by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, He wants you to make your request known. It’s like calling Sony that you have a problem with your PS, and adding “thank you” before saying goodbye. Complaining about the product would not give you solution to the problem so I always encourage people to pray instead of complaining about the 1001 things they don’t understand about their lives.

One thing I have realized about most of the games, if not all, is that the end of each level is challenging. You need to pass the test before you could proceed to the next level. If you fail, you would never see the good things about the next level. Most people have stayed at a level for so long because at the start of the level, life was full of fun as everything was easy. However, when things became a bit tougher they slowed down. That is when they didn’t get the promotions, jobs, contracts, breakthrough, healings, etc. they needed, they gave up.

Don’t quit because there has been so many “GAME OVER” in your life. Keep on trying because your next level is far better than where you are now. Know that before a door closes, God would open a better one somewhere for you, and all you would need to do is to SEEK. Matthew 7 says KEEP SEEKING, AND YOU SHALL FIND.

I will advise you take time to understand the rules of the game. Take time to read the manual (BIBLE), ASK the manufacturer daily about the things you don’t understand about Life. His customer care services can’t be compared. He is second to none.

God is watching over you. He knows your needs and He cares about your life. He didn’t spare His son, but gave him up for us all. Tell me, what can’t He give you?

I will close with this;

Jeremiah 1:5 NLT

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”


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