Father you know my heart desire!
How much I love my friends and family,
Lord I pray! that You bless them today.

Heal the broken heart Lord,
Fill the empty cups,
Shower Your blessings upon us this week.

No more sorrows I pray,
No more pains I cry,
No more disappointments,
No more diseases and sicknesses,
No more accidents, No more, No more! I pray today.

I bind powers of darkness,
I destroy all the works of the evil one,
No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

6 Thoughts

  1. Thanks for your prayers. I am a Chaplain in a High Care Facilty for the elderly. Always appreciate prayer. His rulership, His righteousness in my life, For opportunities to share the gospel, for justice, for love, for wisdom, for empowering, for opportunities to share His truth and for people to respond to Christ, for blessing and the ability to bless, for increasing fruitfulness, for anointing and to be an instrument of healing, to honour God more, and serve Him faithfully. God bless.


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