Today is the day you have, Tomorrow may be too late

When I heard about the plane crash last Saturday in Ghana, I asked myself the question that most Christians don’t know the answer today. WHERE WOULD THEY SPEND ETERNITY? I was thinking and praying after church when I heard another plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria where over 140 people who told their families “I would be back” never came back. Some people believe God could have done something since He knows the end from the beginning. Well! He is the owner of our lives, besides it is appointed for a man to die once. After that, judgment. Death awaits most of us. The truth is we don’t know how we are going to die and When. Only God knows. The HOW and WHEN, no one knows.

I cried yesterday for the Lost souls as I watched the news. BBC interviewed one top official and all he could say was “everything is under control”. People are dying and all leaders could say is everything is under control. I have been following what is happening in Syria. People are dying because of one person’s crave for power. World leaders don’t have answers to our questions anymore. We are all naked but God protects His own.

You don’t how and when you are going to die. If you had been among those who passed away yesterday, where would you have been now? Jesus may tarry but you can die at anytime. Search your life today. Are there areas you need to change? Remember God wants all to repent. Today is the day you have, Tomorrow may be too late. Even Now is the hour you have. The next hour, or minute may be too late. Life on earth is too short. Take advantage of the Grace NOW!

Pray this prayer:
Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. Come into my heart. I don’t want to spent eternity in the lake of fire, where there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. I choose to live for You today. Direct my path, and guard me on the Narrow way to eternal glory. You died for me so help me to live for You, and God’s Kingdom. I thank you for saving me today, and for making what was wrong right. I bless Your Holy Name, and I know you are ONE with The Father.

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