Never cease praying because your prayer is like a telephone call. Have you ever tried calling a person in a higher position before? Probably you were after a job, contract, connection, approval, etc? You called and he/she was not answering. Did you stop after the first call? I believe you called for so many times, up to the time he/she answered. This was what Jesus meant in Luke 18:1 when He said pray and never give up.

I went to an office to see the boss. For reasons I don’t know, I was told to wait at the lounge. I sat for an hour and no one bothered to say a word. It seemed they had forgotten about me. I went to the receptionist but her words never changed. She said ” sir, my boss is a very busy person. Please wait”. I needed his signature for a deal. I got him after about three hours. The most important thing was the signature, not the time. Spending 24 hours in his office would have been nothing to me because there was no other place I could get his signature.
Most of us want God to answer our prayers. God has what we want and His calendar doesn’t work like ours. There is no other way we could pass or use to get what we want than through Jesus. If we have Faith in Him, then we have got to wait for Him. These people have Faith but they lack patience. I believe the two go together. Paul said that if we hope for what is not seen, we must wait patiently for it. Faith works with Patience. Never cease praying.

In Luke 18, Jesus talked about a widow who seek justice. She went to a judge repeatedly but he ignored her. After a while, the judge said ” I don’t fear God or care about people, but this woman is driving me crazy. I am going to see that she gets justice, because she is wearing me out with her requests!”
could it be that you have been praying for years about something you need from the Lord? Don’t give up because He is going to answer you. If you could wait for a man, then I believe you should be able to wait for God to work things out for your good. Remember it is not about how long you pray or wait. It is about what you get in the end. God is faithful and He will what He has promised. I had to wait for about three hours before I could get my document signed. Never cease praying

Everything in our world today is moving faster. Things change so easily. But God doesn’t change. He is Who He is, and What He is. His WORDS never change. The Bible says Heaven and Earth shall pass away but My word shall never pass away. Don’t think God would answer your request promptly because your friends ,etc are ahead of you. Instead, take time to develop your Faith. Jesus said to the Gentile woman in Matthew 15:28 that “dear woman, your faith is great. Your request is granted” and her daughter was instantly healed. If you are looking for the fast way, don’t go any further. Check your Faith status. Because your Faith can produce the results you need. Your Faith can shift time. How great is your Faith?

I want to encourage you that what you need from the Lord worth than time. God doesn’t change, so are His Words. However, your needs can change. And time could also change. What you need to consider is your level of Faith. When your faith is great, you can shift time. God is ever ready to grant you whatever you need. I am sure about that because He gave up Jesus, His only Son, for us.
Never cease Praying. I could hear the phone is ringing and Papa God is about to pick it up soon. Don’t cry, don’t worry, don’t lose hope.
Never cease praying.
God bless you.

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