“Look unto me, and be ye saved…for I am God, and there is none else” Isaiah 45:22

In whatever state, in whatever place, into whatever condition we may be brought this year – let us seek grace to follow Lord’s loving advice and look up.

Don’t look back – as Lot’s wife did.

Don’t look within – as too many do.

Don’t look around – as David did. But “look up!” Look up to God – He is your Father, your friend, your saviour. He can help you. He will help you.

Look up for light to guide you – and He will direct your path.

Look up for grace to sanctify you – and the grace of Jesus will be found sufficient for you.

Look up for strength to enable you to do and suffer God’s will – and His strength will be made perfect in your weakness.

Look up for comfort to cheer you – and as one whom his mother comforts, so will the Lord comfort you.

Look up for courage to embolden you – and the Lord will give courage to faint; and to those who have no might – He will increase strength.

Look up for endurance to keep you – and the God who preserves you will enable you quietly to bear the heaviest burden, and silently to endure the most painful affliction.

Look up for providence to supply you – and the jar of flour will not be used up, and the jar of oil will not run dry; but God shall supply all your needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Look up in faith – exercising confidence in the Word of a faithful God.

Look up in prayer – asking for what God has graciously promised.

Look up in hope – expecting what you ask in the Name of Jesus.

Look up with adoration – and adore the sovereignty, righteousness, and wisdom of God.

Look up constantly – let nothing daunt or discourage you! Rather say, “Our eyes are on the Lord our God – until He shows us mercy.”

-James Smith


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