All liars will go to hell. Revelations 21:8. It is difficult to differentiate between the truth and a lie in our days. We all lie sometimes; it is hard to control the tongue when it starts to lie. The truth is the tongue doesn’t lie. It comes from the heart according to Matthew 15:18. However, the tongue must be controlled to prevent lying to one another. Most Ministers of God are not telling the truth. Politicians are doing the worse. Husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc are all lying in these last days. I pray to God everyday to give me the strength, and power to always tell the truth as much as possible without any intimidation. The scripture tells us God hates lying lips. Proverb 6:19. And lying tongue is abominable to Him.

I have been trying to find out why people lie to people, as well as lie about themselves. I have had practical experience before where someone kept on lying most of the time just to cover up; most people call that white lie which they tell not to hurt someone. When you tell a lie not to hurt a friend, family, lover, spouse, business partner, etc today, you are going hurt them more in the future should they get to know truth. The truth hurts but I guess that is what we all need.

Jesus is the truth, so anytime you tell a truth, you are declaring your stand with the Lord. Satan has no truth in himself. He lied to Eve, and so many great people. He is a liar. Anytime you lie, you declare your stand with Satan. From today, know that your words determine who you stand for; either for Jesus Christ, or Lucifer.

Two years ago, the media asked Tiger Woods a question in an interview. The question was How did you fool so many people for so long?  I was amazed at his reply. He said “You know, Tom, I fooled myself, as well. As I said, I lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people, kept others in the dark; rationalized, and even lied to myself…”

I have learnt a lot from Wood’s answer; “I fooled myself…even lied to myself”. You will treat others the way you treat yourself. If you lie to yourself, you would lie to others. If you keep on hurting yourself, you would hurt others. If you can’t forgive yourself when you do wrong, you would find it hard to forgive others when they do something wrong against you. Most people don’t know who they truly are. They try to please people; such is lying. They deceive themselves. Learn to appreciate who you are, where you are from, what you have (gifts or talents from God). When you cheat yourself on some basic things in life, you would end up cheating on people you meet.

In this New Year, let your Yes be Yes, and your No, No; anything beyond this comes from the devil. Matthew 5:37. God hates lying lips and All liars will go to Hell.


    1. Thank for your comment. I always would love to hear from you. God bless you.
      I would visit your blog to read the Word God through His Spirit has given you.
      I would like to state that God’s Grace is sufficient for us. Jesus is our mediator; He intercede on our behalf. When we confess our sins, God would forgive us because of Jesus. However, until we open our mouth to confess or come to the Father, He would stay and wait. Look at the story of the prodigal son. The Father never went out for him. He waited till the son came. Whoever is in Christ does not sin because the seed of sin is not in him.
      It is true that not one child of God would go to hell but the disobedient ones would surely find themselves in hell.


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