I remember those days in the Sunday school; I was the last person to enter the class, the first person to shout Amen! to closing prayer, and the first person to step out of the class. However, one day, I can’t tell what came over me; I went to Church early, and stayed till closing. That day, I heard a story about a little girl. I want to share with you.

The story was about a girl who came from a very poor home. She had the desire to go to school. She had so many items she needed on her list; toys, bicycle, clothes, big mansion for the family but the family didn’t have the resources for them. One day, she heard a story about God’s willingness to supply all our needs according to His riches in Glory. She went to the shop, bought writing pad, and went straight home to write a letter to God. The salutation was “Dear God” and the address;


P. O. Box 1


she ran to the post office to drop the letter in the post after folding the letter without putting it in an envelope. When she got there, she asked if the man next to her could put the letter in the post because of her height. The man, after seeing the addressee, was amazed at the little girl’s faith. He dropped the letter and followed the girl at a distance to see her house. Later he went back to pick the letter from the post office.

A week passed and the little girl received a parcel. She opened it and saw a letter; “I’ve received your letter. For the mean time, take this money for your fees, toys, bicycle, clothes, and some things your family would need. You would have your house later.”

A month later, the man went to the girl’s house, handed over a bunch of keys to the girl, and added “God wants me to give you one of my houses. You can stay there till you get your own house.” That little girl’s Faith turned the family’s life around for good. When Jesus said “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you” Luke 17:6 I believe He was in a way telling us to have faith like a little child. Every child believes the daddy is a super hero; he can provide everything he or she needs. We also must believe God has the Power to meet all our needs.

Like that little girl, if you can take a step of faith today, and do your part, I mean those things you can do with faith, God will do those you can’t. If you can do the natural, God will do the supernatural. If you can do the ordinary like that little girl, God will do the extraordinary.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more that all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him I pray, that you receive strength and power to put your Faith to work.


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  1. Greetings in Jesus!
    i,m Sana junaid From Pakistan in Gujranwala.as like this little girl we have faith on God and God will do everything for us. i love Jesus so much he is big helper and provider.
    Vision: God,s Children Ministries,Pakistan
    We work this ministry as a volunteers.nobody pay to us to do this,we do this freely and happily from our pocket money for the sack of the Lord Jesus,to accomplishment of the great commission by Jesus.
    We do this for the poor christian children which are desperately needy, nobody does this ,but we do this on visionary Point.we do this for the betterment of our Christian poor children in this hard and difficult community.
    We pray and love to do because as Jesus said faith like a little child.
    So we do, for the spiritual growth of the Pakistani churches.Upon the request References by the different Pastors can be presented.
    So see our work, efforts, missionary zeal and future planning decide and ask the holy spirit how he leads you to work with God,s children ministries.
    Mainly we work for the poor and needy children for their religious education as well spiritual growth.
    Pray for the street boys and girls 95% children are ignorant from their parents due many social evils and problems, the main one is poverty anyway.
    We work on vision so our Pakistani christian children future will be progress, bright, light and fruitful for the Pakistani churches.
    Pray and become our Gospel friend,for Pakistan.
    Thank you so much
    From Sana junaid Pakistan


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