In this life always find something to thank God for. No job, money, child, customers, friends, sweetheart yet thank God that you have life. Quit worrying about what you don’t have and begin to thank God for the most important thing you have today – life. I want to encourage you to give thanks. Give thanks for your life. Give thanks for your family and friends, and give thanks for everything you have.

After so many years of hardworking, this is what I have come to realise; life is not about food, drinks, clothes, mansions, cars, job, money, latest technology, etc. there is more to life than these.

If you can walk, give thanks

If you can sing, give thanks

If you can feel something is hot when it touches the tongue, give thanks.

If you can scratch parts of the body, give thanks.

If you can raise your hands, give thanks.

If you can see, give thanks.

You can find so many avenues to give thanks to the Creator of the universe for His love and support.

I saw two people today. In fact, I couldn’t just stop giving thanks to God for my life. I have realised that getting up from bed, even to the bathroom worth than billions of Pounds Sterling put together. I have leant that going to the kitchen to get something for myself is something I have to thank God for. The first person I saw today couldn’t talk. He couldn’t go to the bathroom to bath, kitchen to get food of his choice, lounge to watch TV. He lived in a big house yet he is restricted to a portion of a room, on a hospital bed. Friends, no matter what you are going through this moment, if you can go to the kitchen, get up from bed; go to the washroom, etc give thanks to God for he is worthy.

The second one has some few days to live according to doctor’s report (human knowledge). He lies on his bed 24/7. He can’t talk, sit up, etc. Friends, if you can pick phones to make or receive calls, give thanks.

God is working behind the scenes for us. At the right time, we will see His goodness. David said “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Every day, when you get up from bed, say this to yourself:  “I am still confident that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Give thank.



  1. Powerful, gentle, your words are a marvel. I can thank God for your annointing, for using you to pour out for others in a way they that leaves them full and yet seeking more. Good words, great post. God bless my friend.-watw


    1. God bless you. Most often we tend to thank God for material things we seek, forgetting that without Life, those things are worthless. I have learnt that Giving thanks to God should go beyond receiving food, cloth, etc. I will thank Him for the breath I take each moment. For seeing with my eyes, my ability to sit, and even reply your comment. Its just by the Grace of God. I thank You Lord.
      stay safe


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