Storm Front July 27 2010

Matthew 8:23-27 This story caught my attention last night when I was studying; what happened, how it happened, when it happened, etc. Jesus was on a boat with his disciples. Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the wave swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. Isn’t it surprising for a person to sleep in the midst of furious storm?

“…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…”

Jesus knew God was in control. He knew God started with them, and He was going to see them through. Unfortunately, His disciples didn’t know that…

Storms of life are inevitable. You can’t skip. That is why we need to be stuck in the Word of God. Jesus was stuck in His Fathers strength so He was not moved when the storm came.

God has promised us a very peaceful destination. He knows how He is going to see us through because He sees the end from start. Challenges are bound to come. They can’t be stopped but our attitude toward them will determine our level of Faith in Christ Jesus. Jesus slept because He knew God was more than able to handle the storm.

While others were crying for help, Jesus did something else; He rebuked the storm. Someone once said “stop talking to God about your problems and start talking to your problems about how big Your God is.” We have power as God’s children and Jesus demonstrated that. In every situation, talking to others about how unpleasant, big, etc. will not solve the problem. Crying wouldn’t make any differnce. You may die if you look around for help. Stand up and start talking to your problems about our Father.

I want to encourage you today that some people just graduated from what you are facing now and they never gave up. You don’t have to give up. Know that Storms are bound to come but God is faithful who wouldn’t let you be consumed. Jesus saved the disciples when they couldn’t stand. He will save you today too.


  1. Awesome post! I like your repetition of the need to tell my problems about our God, I’ve heard it b4 but this time it really hit home. Thank you Sir for once again speaking God’s words and presenting the Holy Spirit an opportunity to tap me on the shoulder. May God continue to bless you.


  2. SO POWERFUL MESSAGE! I’m so blessed through this message… Indeed as we cast all our cares to JESUS ,HE will cares for us & He will sustain us. He is Omnipotent, OMNIPRESENT & OMNICIENT GOD. Thank u so much SIR, 4 sharing this so powerful message…May the LORD ALMIGHTY will continue to empower you w/ the HOLY SPIRIT & annoint you & increase your wisdom to minister boldly ,powerfully & mightily that more people will be encouraged & build up in knowledge of GOD attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of CHRIST. To GOD be the glory! GODBLESS YOU SIR!


    1. Amen! God bless you too doris. Its a great pleasure to see you here. I hope you would be here often. I really would like to read your thoughts on the topics. why not follow the blog by email; Click “follow” to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
      God made provisions for our needs before allowing us into this world. worrying makes a Christian weak. take care


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