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Prophecy is a statement that says what is going to happen in the future, especially one which is based on what you believe about a particular matter rather than existing fact. (Cambridge International dictionary of English) Webster defines it as a statement that something will happen in the future.


Prophecy is to tell the future what God has already done. Here is the trick, when God speaks His word, they are called Prophecy. Every Word of God is Prophecy. When God speaks, it is because He has already thought about it. And when He thinks, then He has already done it. This is what I mean when God thinks about something; it is done in the spirit realm. And when He speaks, it is done physically. When He said “LIGHT” in the beginning of creation, light came. When He thought about Jesus as a savior, it was spoken by the prophet Isaiah, and others about years before Gabriel came to announce to Mary. The same applies to you; God thought about you years before you were born. When He thought about you, you became a spirit being, and when He spoke, you came to the womb, which means that everything about your days on earth has all been planned already. He said to Jeremiah (and that refers to you too) that “I know the plans (thoughts) I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Notice He never said I am thinking about what to do for you, or let see what I can do with your life. He said “I KNOW”. He had these plans for you before you came to the womb. You are a PROPHECY.


A prophecy is God’s exposure of His past which is your future. When Gabriel appeared to Mary, everything He said to Mary was God’s past. God had thought about it years but to Mary it was for the future. The scripture talks about how God has all our days in the palm of His hands. Your future is God’s past. God knew you before you were born. He ordained you and equipped you with all you would ever need to succeed. Don’t worry about anything because nothing can stop a prophecy. Quit worrying about what you think you can’t do (Gideon), what you don’t have (Elisha and his servant), who did you wrong (Joseph), or who is even planning to do you wrong (Esther and Mordecai) because nothing can stop a prophecy. Joseph’s brothers thought selling him would end his dreams. Hardly did they know that they were pushing him to his divine destination. Your enemies can help you achieve your dreams more than your friends. The future you are seeking and struggling for today is God’s past. He knows where you will be in life. He knows how he is going to handle every situation and get you to the destination you want.


You are not what you think you are. You are what God says you are. You are not what your mum and dad think, say, and feel you are because before they met, God knew you. His thoughts are above yours. Gideon called himself a coward but God called him a man full of courage. Moses said who am I to stand before Pharaoh? I don’t know how to talk but God said my word is in your mouth. Paul thought nothing good could come from him because he persecuted the church but God used him and he wrote more letters to the churches more than any other disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. We can talk about Jeremiah, Sampson, John, and Jesus. You are who God’s Word says you are. You are a king or a queen on this earth, and Prince or Princess in Heaven.


All our days are preordained. They were set before they happened. Every day of your life has already been pre – programmed.  On God’s calendar, there is nothing like coincidence. Everything has been planned. That is why you can’t fail. There is no such thing as failure. You may think things are not working out in your life, family, relationship, school, business, etc,. Hey! Let me tell you, they are working. All things are working together for your good. All things imply all things. Those you see as good, and those you see as bad. They are all working together for you good. No one can curse you. No one can change your destiny. There is a hedge of protection around you.


Your Father in Heaven understands your life more than you think you know. Without Faith, it is impossible to please Him. Where you think there is no way, He has already made a way. Where your strength ends is where He begins. It is only a matter of faith. Faith that is not as big as your mobile phone but as little as the mustard seed. This is because we walk by faith and not by sight. Faith begins when ability ends.


Don’t waste time crying, worrying, talking, and being anxious for what God has already given to you. I will advise you thank Him instead. Listen to how Jesus started His prayer in John 11:41. “Father, I thank you that you have heard me”. That was before He spoke. He said I thank you that you have heard me. Heard what? What He was about to say. In Philippians 4: 6, we are encouraged to be anxious for nothing. By praying, supplication, with thanksgiving, we should make our request to God. In all things, give thanks.


Be encouraged today that you are a prophecy. Your life is divinely orchestrated. Nothing can stop you. Every limitation you see today is not real. You are a bundle of success showing everywhere. The battle is not yours, the victory is yours. There is an angle on your way. Don’t give up. Keep believing.

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