Acknowledge your sinfulness and ask God for inward cleansing.

Believe His promises and back out of past sins.

Cut off sinful friendship and connect with God’s people.

Declare your faith publicly and determine never to go back into the world.

Eliminate objects of temptations and emulate godly examples.

Feed on God’s word and fellowship with God in prayer.

Grow in Grace and grasp every opportunity to serve the Lord.

Heighten your desire for holiness and hold on to the promise of sanctification.

Inspect your heart and intensify your prayer for Holy living.

Jail the flesh and jettison fleshly lusts.

Knockout unbelief and keep your eyes on Christ, the Sanctifier.

Live by fait and Love God unconditionally with all your heart.

Make sacrifices but maintain selfless and motive in all your efforts.

Negate evil thoughts with Scriptures and neutralize evil tendencies with prayer.

Obey the promptings of the Spirit and oppose carnality in all its ramifications.

Pursue a conscience void of offence and promote peace among men.

Quarrel over nothing and never question Divine providence in anything.

Review your spiritual progress and renew your consecration daily.

Seek the lost and stabilize them in the faith.

Tame your tongue and turn off ungodly temper.

Uncover evil and urge others to defend the faith.

Visualize victory over sin and verbalize your triumph.

Wear God’s armour and wage war against evil

X-ray your heart with the Word daily and “Xerox” godly living in others.

Yearn continually for Christ likeness and yield completely to God.

Zoom in (focus) on Heaven and zealously endure to the end.

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